Massage rollers

Massage rollers

Massage rollers

Here are some of my massage rollers.

Massage rollers are important massage tools.

They play a similar role to that of oil - eliminating horizontal frictional forces and allowing downward forces to be conveniently applied quickly and over a wide area.

Unfortunately, use of a tool interferes with the transmission of tactile feedback back into the fingers - but despite this problem, these devices are still pretty useful.

The elecric vibrating tool is probably the best implement of this kind which I own. Switched off it is not so interesting - but the stimulating and soothnig vibrations help in several ways. It takes too-small (AAA) batteries, and you need to press the button six times to turn it off, but it is still a fine device.

The next best tool is the wooden Thai massage implement. This is good because it is robust and because it applies force in two small adjacent areas.

The jade massage rollers are OK - but they have some mechanical issues. The handles are too small and not the right shape. The rollers squeak in use. The wire can bend if too much force is applied. Also jade is often initially cold - which does not help. The bigger one is the better of the two.

The metal serrated tool is of minor interest. It seems like it is mostly for skin stimulation, though - and that is something which I'm not very interested in.

Ball roller

A simple ball bearing allows free motion in two dimensions:

Ball bearing massage roller

This works pretty well.

Foot rollers

Foot rollers
I've also tried these foot rollers. The bottom one is a bit over-stimulating - but both work OK.


Moon Car Magnetic Massager

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