Kenwood grater - FC100

Here's my Kenwood Gourmet food cutter.

This was my first conventional "food processing" robot.

I bought it as an inexpensive introduction to food processing - and because I wanted to compare food processors based on a spinning disc with ones based on a rotating drum.

Grater and slicing components
Grater and slicing components

The machine comes with three cutters - two graters and one slicer.

View from above
View from above

Here's the machine from above.

Base unit
Base unit with motor and drive shaft

...and the base unit from the front.

One of my hopes was that the machine would be easy to clean - since it lacked the bowl of most food processors, spits the food directly out onto the plate - and thus had fewer components.

However the machine proved to be a bit of a disappointment. The motor ran too slowly. At 120 watts, it gave the impression of lacking power. The blades were cheap. The disassembly mechanism needed reconsidering.

After using the machine I was left wondering whether the whole idea of a drum-based food processor made much sense.

This machine might be cheap - but it doesn't seem to be very much use. About the best thing I can think of to say about it is that it doesn't take up much space.

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