Stainless Steel Colander

Salad drainige

A colander is a fairly simple device - a bowl with holes in to let water (but not prodce) out, a stand to keep it level and allow convenient drainige.

A good colander should not have too many small holes - or it can become tricky to clean.

Why dry salads?

Salads fairly obviously need washing - but they also benefit from being dried again.

Additional water dilutes and often wastes any salad dressings used - leaves one fishing around in a puddle at the end of the salad, means spillages are more problematical - and increases the rate of decay of the salad if any attempt is made to store it.

Salad spinning

Maybe one day I'll get a salad spinner - to more effectively dry my salads. However, currently my impression is that salad spinners hardly seem worth the trouble. I reckon I'm currently better off with a good colander.

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