Tim's diet

Dietary Energy Restriction

The most consistent feature of my diet is Dietary Energy Restriction.
This practice attempts to maintain good health by significantly restricting dietary energy intake.

You can find out more about this practice [here] or possibly [here].

I have a site about the topic [here].

Things I eat

  • I eat mainly fresh fruit and raw vegetables.

  • I like tropical fruit - [durian], mangosteen and rambutan - and berries - mulberries, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, juneberries, yew berries, gooseberries, all types of currants, dewberries and blackberries.

  • My favourite vegetables tend to be green and leafy - rocket, coriander, watercress, water spinach, sunflower greens and wheatgrass.

  • My vegetables occasionally get cooked - in my pressure cooker;

  • I sprout many of the vegetables I consume in my [sprout farm] - and grow large numbers of salad vegetables in my [garden]. I also have an allottment - and I help to cultivate numerous edible plants in public spaces.

  • Spread - I eat hummus, vegetarian pesto and a mixture of crushed seeds and oil - but not margarine or butter;

  • Nuts and seeds - I consume a wide variety;

  • Oils - I sprinkle vegetable oils on my salads. Olive oil most frequently - but I also use a wide variety of other nut, seed and fruit oils;

  • I occasionally eat poultry - mainly chicken or turkey breast;

  • I occasionally eat fish - sardines and sometimes mackerel;

  • I very occasionally eat some other seafood - mainly crab and crayfish;

  • I very occasionally eat organ meat. Livers and kidneys;

  • I eat Quorn pieces - and Quorn mince;

  • Water - I drink water. I generally take my own water supply with me wherever I go;

  • I occasionally eat chocolate;

  • I occasionally drink red wine;

  • Bread - I occasionally eat a german flaxseed bread, a european-style sprouted wheat bread and a rye bread;

  • While I try to avoid most unsprouted grains - I still eat rice and quinoa occasionally.

Apart from a rather broad selection of supplements, that's about it - though then there's the list of things I don't eat...

Things I don't eat

  • Milk, cheese, yogurt, butter, and other dairy products - such as whey powder;

  • Eggs;

  • Most animal produce not explicitly mentioned above;

  • Sugar - I rarely eat foods with added sugar - and tend to try to minimise my consumption of dried fruits;

  • Sweetners - I avoid most [sweetners - e.g. aspartame, acesulfame-K saccharin, sorbitol. This includes many foods with added sugar, and many dried fruits;

  • Most bread - including english-style breads.

  • Crispbread - including rice cakes and corn cakes.

  • Most beans - e.g. I don't eat the soya bean;

  • Most nightshade family plants - occasionally excepting a few: mostly tomato and wolfberry;
  • Fried food - or food cooked at high temperatures - e.g. crisps - and many cashew nuts and pistachio nuts;

  • Yeast extract - and most other fermented vegetable products - e.g. miso and tempeh;

  • Citric acid - a common food additive - present in many fruit juices;

  • Malt extract - a common food additive - present in most cereals;

  • Most drugs. I especially dislike stimulants like caffene. I do occasionally consume alcohol and cocoa, though;

  • Monosodium glutamate - a common food additive - present in many savoury products, but often [not on the ingredients list];

  • Sulphur dioxide - a common food additive - preservative, often used in dried fruit - e.g. apricots;

  • "Flavouring" and "spices" - if something lists either of these as an ingredient, I won't eat it;

  • Most unsprouted grains - so little or no cereals or muesli;

  • Food with unknown ingredients - if I can't get access to an ingredients list - and it's not a "wholefood" or something that I recognise - I probably won't eat it;


I'm a fan of raw fruit and vegetable juices. I have a tendency to juice just about anything I can get my hands on.

Some of my favourite fruit juices are blueberry juice, raspberry juice and strawberry juice.

One of my favourite vegetable juices is wheatgrass juice.

I sprout my own wheatgrass - and have my own twin-gear juice extraction equipment.

You can find out more about that here.

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