Channelling involves temporary experiences in which you feel as though you are in contact with another intelligent agent.

It is connected with meditation - in that those who meditate view channelling as one of the many facinating distractions the mind likes to create rather than be still.

Historically, mediums have performed channelling-like activities. They often claimed to be able to communicate with dead loved ones. Some of these mediums became rich and famous in the process. This sort of thing has damaged the practice's reputation.

Some of those who are involved with channelling take their experiences very seriously - writing books about them - and even starting religions revolving about their channelled revelations.

Skeptics point out that channelling involves a type of hallucination - and that taking channeled experiences too literally may not be wise.

Some view UFO abduction experiences as a type of channelling.

Channelling is also spelled channeling in some areas.


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